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On-demand charts

Charts for any asset. Right at your fingertips.

With Alpha Bot you can request charts for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, indices, and more. You can easily add indicators, change candle types, timeframes, and further customize the chart. Alpha Bot is already the premiere Discord bot for TradingView charts used by the biggest financial communities, but we also support TradingLite, Finviz, GoCharting, and Bookmap for advanced users.

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Alpha Bot on Discord displaying charts with technical indicators

Price alerts

Price alerts, right in your community.

Stay up to date on price action with Alpha Bot's price alerts for stocks and cryptocurrencies without the need to leave the Discord chat and switch apps. Setting a price alert with Alpha is as easy as typing a quick command.

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Alpha's price alert notification on a lock screen
Ichibot integration

Best-in-class order execution client.

A trading client for discretionary traders with a powerful order execution system for Binance and FTX. It's built for traders who prefer a keyboard over clicking a mouse. Ichibot is a powerful tool that provides you the raw building blocks to design any kind of elaborate order you can think of. Think of it like lego for cryptocurrency traders.

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Alpha Bot on Discord displaying Ichibot order execution output

Alpha's price and asset details response in Discord
Prices and asset details

Get prices and asset details quickly and seamlessly.

Always know the price of almost any asset with Alpha. Alpha's price feature is a lightning fast way to reference the price and percent change in price over the past 24 hours of thousands of assets. For times when additional information is needed, the info command helps you get a top down view about a particular stock or cryptocurrency.

Paper trading

Experiment with paper money. Compete against your friends.

With Alpha Paper Trader you can paper trade stocks and cryptocurrencies in your Discord community. Paper Trader lets you simulate buying, selling, and even setting stops using simple commands. Check your balance, and keep a running tally of what you would have made or lost if you took a trade. Your balance is unique to your Alpha Account and your Discord username, so your Paper Trading account will follow you wherever you go.

Alpha's Paper Trader response in Discord
BlackBox Stocks integration

Inform your stock options trading with aggregated BlackBox Stocks data.

Alpha Bot System has partnered with highly reputable BlackBox Stocks platform to deliver on-demand end-of-day aggregated option sweeps order flow data with Alpha Flow. Options flow data is presented in a clean and easy-to-read format, giving you an insight into what's going to be hot tomorrow. Plus, Alpha Flow comes at an unbeatable price.

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Monitor showing Alpha Flow response alongside BlackBox Stocks

It's the best financial bot for Discord I've seen. I'm impressed.

Dr. Steve Brule For Your Wealth

A fantastic tool for any serious trader. Stay on top of the markets from the convenience of your favorite Discord channel. Great team and great progress.

Justin Wise CrackingCryptocurrency

People use Alpha Bot. A lot.

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Thanks for the bot, it's really amazing. My community uses it constantly and loves it.


This bot is amazing, kudos to the team.

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Alpha Bot System company specializes in trading data analysis, financial bots, and other systems for the stock, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. Our flagship product is Alpha Bot, the most used financial bot on Discord.

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