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Trusted by the biggest financial communities out there.

Trading communities that use Alpha Bot System products include r/CryptoCurrency, r/Decentralization, Space Station, and ONEX Capital

Alpha Bot System

An international team developing automated systems for financial markets.

Alpha Bot System specializes in trading data, bots, strategies, indicators, and other systems for the stock, forex, and crypto markets. Our flagship product is Alpha Bot, the most used financial bot on Discord.

About Us

Alpha Bot on Discord displaying charts with technical indicators

Real-time market data streams

Advanced and thoroughly tested in house built algorithmic systems provide immense current cryptocurrency market insight.

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Trend signals for crypto, stocks, and forex from Alpha
Alpha Bot

From charts to trading, Alpha Bot has you covered.

Boost your Discord crypto community by providing market data right in the chat. With diverse set of powerful and easy to use features, Alpha Bot will not disappoint.

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Alpha Bot on Discord displaying charts with technical indicators

Alpha's price alert notification on a lock screen. Get price alerts for cryptocurrency with Alpha
Pro features

Achieve your trading goals no matter where you are. With pro features like presets and price alerts you can make sure to catch every market move.

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It's the best crypto bot for Discord I've seen. I'm impressed.

Dr. Steve Brule For Your Wealth

A fantastic tool for any serious trader. Stay on top of the markets from the convenience of your favorite Discord channel. Great team and great progress.

Justin Wise CrackingCryptocurrency