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Enjoy additional Alpha Bot features in Discord

Enjoy additional Alpha Bot features by connecting your Discord profile with Alpha. This will allow you to sync settings between platforms, customize various aspects of Alpha Bot, and use pro features when your subscription is active.

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Pro tools

Personal Alpha Pro features settings

Charting preferences

Personal settings for everything charting

Preferred charting platforms order

Alpha Bot will try to show a chart from a platform higher on the list. If you prefer a different default charting platform, drag it to the top.

  • TradingView
  • GoCharting
  • Finviz
  • TradingLite
  • Bookmap

All settings have been saved.

My Communities

Community settings

Alpha Bot set up process, Pro features like price satellites, and other community wide settings can be accessed on the My Communities dashboard. Admin permissions are required to manage a community.

My Communities
Danger zone

Disconnect your account from Discord

Disconnecting your Alpha Account from Discord will result in you losing access to all Alpha Pro features and account settings. Alpha Bot will no longer work in communities you manage, and will require community admins to re-initiate the setup.

This action cannot be undone.

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