Alpha Bot

Supercharge your trading community. Everything from charts to trading, right in the chat.


The team at Alpha is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible when it comes to automated systems, and Alpha Bot for Discord is a prime example of what pushing the limits looks like in action.

Alpha Bot provides a robust and simple-to-use set of tools designed to let you learn, share, and trade without losing pace with the market.

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An Alpha Bot lock screen notification for a cryptocurrency price alert

Everything you need. In one place.

Whether it is a trading community that wants to bring TradingView charts, heat maps, and price alerts to their Discord guild, or an individual looking for a quick and simple way to place a trade, Alpha Bot has traders covered. You no longer have to flip between a bunch of different websites to get the tools you need to have an edge on the market, with Alpha everything a you need to make that next trade is just a few keystrokes away.

At the value you deserve.

Alpha’s core features are completely free. Any community guild owner can install Alpha Bot with a click of a button, and users can join any guild with Alpha Bot installed and begin using it.

Meanwhile, guild owners and individuals who want to push Alpha beyond the limits and unlock our full suite of indicators and trading tools can choose from one of our premium packages. Alpha Premium delivers an amazing value for an affordable price, monthly plans start as low as $14.99 a month for individuals and $149.99 for communities.

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Alpha being used on a desktop for charts and techincal indicators

People use Alpha. A lot.

Bot usage

A total of more than 2,600,000 requests have been processed, 1,900,000 of those are charts.

Our user base

Alpha is currently serving more than 660,000 people in 3000 Discord groups.