Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add other indicators or timeframes to the bot?

Unfortunately no, our data providers don't allow third-party indicators added to the charts. All built-in indicators and timeframes are already supported.

Why doesn't Alpha use TradingView Premium?

TradingView Premium is not available for the data provided by Alpha.

I'm reaching the chart rate limit. Can I increase it?

Yes, you can increase the limit by purchasing Alpha Pro.

Why does Alpha have specific permission?

  • Send messages, read messages, read message history, attach files, embed links, add reactions: this allows Alpha to properly read and respond to commands, attach charts and add a checkbox after each sent image.

  • Manage messages: by clicking on the checkbox under images sent by Alpha, the corresponding message will be removed.

  • Change nickname: according to our Terms of Service, rebranding is not permitted. With that permission, Alpha can automatically fix the issue.

  • Send TTS messages, use external emojis, manage Webhooks: can be turned off, used for future-proofing.

Alpha doesn't post charts in the chat. How to fix that?

Check the permissions given to Alpha and make sure it's allowed to read messages, send messages, and send attachments.