Indicator Suite

Alpha's custom designed technical indicators span the gambit and fit all trading styles, old and new.

Regardless of what type of trader you are, and regardless of the timeframe you are working with, our custom designed indicators are built to help give you an edge. Need help with trend determination, scalp trading, finding reversal opportunities, and more, Alpha’s Indicator Suite has you covered.

Alpha Bot System's technical indicators in action.

Made for you. And your workflow.

Indicators can be easily adapted to your old strategy, or used to help you build a new one. Pair them with other strategies, or apply them to different tickers in different markets. Mix and match them, declutter and use a single one to bring clarity to your next trade. There is no limit to the ways a creative trader can apply Alpha’s indicators. Whether you are just learning the ropes or have years of trading experience, under your belt, with Alpha’s indicator suite, you’ll always be ready to make your next move.

Alpha Bot System's technical indicators in action.

Silver Suite

Alpha’s Silver Suite provides incredible power at a competitive price. The Silver Suite, offered to all Alpha Silver members, is a perfect introduction to Alpha’s systems. Our Bull/Bear Power indicator excels at finding entries and exits, and our Range MA indicator ensures you always know the direction of the trend. Pairing the two Silver indicators together means not only know how to play the trend, but knowing how to find entries and exits when playing the trend as well.

Alpha Silver

Gold Suite

Alpha’s Gold Suite is Alpha’s core indicator offering for elite traders. Gold is like Silver turned up to 11. Not only do you get additional and refined tools for trend detection and entries and exits compared to Silver, you’ll also get automated order block mapping to help you find support and resistance levels and tools for scalping and finding breakouts based on a wide range of factors like price, volatility, and beyond. Each of the 5 indicators included in the suite can be combined in different ways to give any trader an edge on any time frame.

Alpha Gold