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A Diverse set of professional features. Made for every trader.

Professional tools. But better.

Supercharge your trading process or upgrade your entire community by signing up for Alpha Pro. Unlock access to command presets, price alerts, custom indicators, live trading, and more.
Alpha Pro introduction

The only trading app you'll ever need whether you are at home or on the go.

Command presets, price, alerts, and the ability to place live trades via Alpha help turn your Discord into the only the app you need as a trader. Upgrading to Pro means less time spent switching between apps, less money spent paying for different services, and always having your trading tools at your fingertips regardless of what device you are using.

If you are in a community guild with Alpha, you have your Alpha Pro. As a bonus, Silver and Gold users also get access to our indicator suites to help them level up their trading game.

Provide more value to your community

Supercharge your whole community at a competitive price.

Alpha Pro is all about adding more value to your crypto, stock, or forex group. While community guild members don't get to take Alpha Pro with them to other guilds, and while they don't get access to Alpha's indicator suites, they do benefit from their entire community getting access to the majority of Alpha's Pro features like command presets, price alerts, live trading, and more. This makes Alpha Pro perfect for paid groups who want give their users extra value without having to build out the complex tools Alpha offers themselves.

Per feature billing

Pick the features you want. Pay for what you use.

Alpha Bronze

Alpha Bronze is a great introduction to Alpha's Pro features. Bronze members get increased request limits, command presets, price alerts, access to Alpha's crypto paper trader (coming soon), and access to our Market Breadth + Adaptive Presets indicator.

Alpha Silver

Alpha Silver gives you everything Bronze does and more. Not only do Silver members get everything Bronze members get, they also get access to Alpha's crypto live trader (coming soon) and to our custom Silver level indicator suite.

Alpha Pro

Alpha Pro is the perfect choice for serious traders. Gold members get everything Bronze and Silver get, plus they also enjoy virtually unlimited trading through Discord (coming soon), and access to our full suite of custom indicators.

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Please note, that pricing is for Alpha Pro in its current state. Some features, including paper and live trading, are currently in beta and are not available to all Pro users and/or community guild owners.