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Alpha Bot System technical indicators save you time and effort, regardless of your approach to trading.


Perfect help for determining trends, scalp trading, or finding reversals as they happen.

Alpha’s in-house indicators are built to find those ideal entries, determine when the trend has truly changed, and decide if you really should or shouldn't be exiting after that move.
Alpha Bot System's technical indicators in action
Simple yet powerful

Leave overly complicated charts behind. Never be left questioning yourself at every tick.

Regain your trading confidence by using indicators built to remove subjectivity and provide easy to understand information. All of our indicators are built to be clean and clutter-free, plus we provide support and a simple to grasp guide to help you put them to use.
Alpha Bot System's technical indicators in action
Just $25.00

Alpha Gold Suite

Not only does this suite include all the tools needed to use our in-house trading strategy, it also includes additional ones, making it the best dollar value across the board. What are some of those tools you ask, automated Support and Resistance visualization, clear Trend determination that doesn't flip flop at every price tick, the highlighting of Scalp trading opportunities, and lastly a confirmation-based reversal system. All these tools, built for any market and timeframe.
Check out our Trading Guide where we teach you everything you need to know to trade the trend using Alpha Gold indicators. This guide also includes our Alpha Gold-based Range Retester Strategy as featured on TradingView.
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Order Block Mapping

The main purpose of our “Alpha Gold - Order Block Mapping” indicator is to automatically identify bullish and bearish orderblocks by normalizing the average percentage change during high momentum moves. This in turn produces expected levels of interest that are likely to be taken into account by others and respected accordingly. The indicator then places those levels in the form of support and resistance lines on the chart. However, this does not overcomplicate the process of using Order blocks. A simple invalidation rule set has been built in to ensure these levels are only shown as long as they are relevant. The ruleset is as follows; If price crosses a level and passes the validation check, then the level is invalidated.

Using Alpha’s Order Block Mapping indicator can save traders a ton of time in the orderblock identification process and visually guide novice traders by presenting which levels they should/shouldn’t be keeping an eye on.

Order Block Mapping is used in our Range Retester Strategy.

Fractal Trend

Are you tired of getting chopped out of trends while you really should be holding tight and not worrying about the day to day noise? So were we. That’s why we built “Alpha Gold - Fractal Trend + Impulsive Weighting.” Fractal Trend excels at trend identification by looking at the overarching trend and not focusing so heavily on smaller moves.

We realized throughout our experience that most trends start with a significant move in either direction and have therefore built in a method that takes this into account when detecting a trend change. Does that mean that there won’t be small periods of chop? No of course not, any trend indicator that gives you perfect top to bottom signaling is either curve-fitting its data or just flat out being dishonest. What it means is that Fractal Trend not only correctly detects the trend, it will continue to detect a trend regardless of day-to-day noise ensuring you always know the direction of your next trade. To see Fractal Trend in action, check out our trading guide where we showcase the power of Fractal Trend in our Range Retester strategy.

Fractal Trend is used in our Range Retester Strategy.

Directional Bias

Our “Alpha Gold - Directional Bias” indicator is built to complement our Alpha Mapping indicator and display the other most likely support and resistance levels, those being:

  1. Previous Support after it has been broken below turning into Resistance.
  2. Previous Resistance after it has been broken above turning into Support.

In other words, Directional Bias detects Support and Resistance Flips (S/R Flips).

We have followed these long enough to see their inherent benefit as expected levels of interest in trending markets. With that in mind, like all of our tools, we saw the value and went out to simplify it by automating the detection and visualization of them. This indicator uses a similarly structured ruleset for detection and invalidation as Alpha Mapping with some minor adjustments.

Directional Bias is used in our Range Retester Strategy.

Volatility Weighted Volume Triggers

“Alpha Gold - Volatility Weighted Volume Triggers” was designed with finding trend reversals in mind. It works well whether you are looking for places to enter or to take profit along the trend. The trick to this indicator is making sure that you interpret the signals differently based on the current trend.

  1. Only enter long when it signals long during an Uptrend.
  2. Only enter short when it signals short during a Downtrend.

For example, in a downtrend a short signal could provide an excellent shorting opportunity, while in an uptrend it might be seen as a place to take profits if in a long position. Given that, we suggest pairing Alpha’s Volatility Weighted Volume Triggers with a trend indicator like our Ranged Moving Average or Fractal Trend + Impulsive Weighting.

Note: This is to be used with trend continuation and should not be used to counter-trade the trend. Trying to pick absolute tops and bottoms of a trend is the easiest way to give money back to the market.

Breakaway Scalper

“Alpha Gold - Breakaway Scalper” is designed for finding Scalp trading opportunities. Not only does the scalper help you find a solid entry or exit, it also comes with built-in trailing and static stop-loss functionality to help you lock in gains and manage risk.

Although Breakaway Scalper pairs well with other Gold suite indicators, it actually functions as a standalone alternative to our other indicators. Breakaway Scalper can be used to find entries and exits along the trend, and it can work as a trend detection tool itself.

Just $10.00

Alpha Silver Suite

The Silver Suite is a perfect introduction to Alpha’s methodology. Using the overarching trend, combined with a simple entry/exit system, it truly embodies what we believe in and practice in the day-to-day battle we call these markets. Pairing these indicators together means not only knowing what your bias should be, it means knowing the opportune time to enter and exit.

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Range MA

Clearly identify the trend with “Alpha Silver - Range MA”. Range MA a reliable, reactive, and adjustable variation of a Moving Average formula that is perfect for determining trend and momentum. The trick to winning in the market is trading in the direction of the trend. To find those perfect entries and exits inside the trend it is important to have a trend signal that offers you a consistent trend. Range MA avoids the noise and only flips between bearish and bullish when absolutely necessary due to its reactive nature, thus it ensures you’ll be able to find that entry or exit along the trend using its Silver counterpart Bull/Bear power.

Bull/Bear Power

Our “Alpha Silver - Bull/Bear Power” indicator is designed to help you find entries and exits that compliment the trend and is an excellent tool for finding long entries in an uptrend and short entries in a downtrend. Since knowing the trend is paramount to using Bull/Bear effectively, this indicator pairs well with its Silver counterpart Range MA.

Note: This is to be used with trend continuation and should not be used to counter-trade the trend. Trying to pick absolute tops and bottoms of a trend is the easiest way to give money back to the market.

Just $5.00

Alpha Bronze Suite

While this suite may only contain a single indicator, it is built that way for a reason. That being, it does not need anything else to achieve its end goal, and such can be used on its own or incorporated into any pre-existing system. Bronze’s Market Breadth indicator will provide more insight into an entire market sector's condition than any other single indicator could.

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Market Breadth + Adaptive Presets

We are proud to present, “Alpha Bronze - Market Breadth + Adaptive Presets,” a flexible market breadth indicator that automatically detects Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Equities markets and sectors. The only thing more powerful than knowing the direction of the trend of a single asset is knowing the direction of all its most correlated assets!

If you are trading in the direction of the trend of the sector, you can place that trade with a degree of confidence knowing that you are looking at the entire sector for that asset class and not just only how this one ticker is doing. Market Breadth pairs well with any other selection of indicator, and that is why we offer it as a standalone product.