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Supercharge your financial community. Everything from charts to trading, right in the chat.


From charts to trading, Alpha Bot has you covered.

The team at Alpha is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible when it comes to automated systems, and Alpha Bot for Discord is a prime example of what pushing the limits looks like in action. Alpha Bot provides a robust and simple-to-use set of tools designed to let you learn, share, and trade without losing pace with the market.

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Sign up for a free Alpha Account.

Server owners are required to sign up for a free Alpha Account. Having an Alpha Account connected to Discord lets you easily manage and sync settings between platforms, get access to new features like Ichibot or paper trading, and - best of all - use Alpha Pro features.

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Step 2

Connect your Account to your Discord profile.

Enjoy additional Alpha Bot features by connecting your Discord profile with Alpha. This will allow you to manage Alpha Bot's community settings, use Ichibot, paper trade, sync settings between platforms, customize various aspects of Alpha Bot, and use pro features when your subscription is active.

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Connect your Alpha Account to your Discord profile.
Step 3

Set up Alpha Bot for your community.

Configure Alpha Bot to your liking by following a short setup process.

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